Patient safety, design and human factors

The publication of ‘Design for Patient safety’ in 2003 marked a huge step for systems ergonomics thinking to be incorporated into the development of safer healthcare systems. The report, written by the Robens Institute, jointly with the Engineering Design Centre at Cambridge University and the Royal College of Art can be downloaded at:

“Properly addressed, improvements in patient safety will contribute significantly to improving the quality of care for NHS patients. Reduction in errors will also free up resources at present used to cope with the consequences of those errors. Implementing the thinking set out in this report could go a long way to help achieve that goal. If the NHS can embrace the broad systems approach set out in the following pages, we would undoubtedly save lives. “ Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer 

The research has also been presented to the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee.  

Buckle P  2007  ‘Are patients safe with the NHS? Patient safety, systems design and ergonomics  Journal of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee 64, 1, 28-29