About Us

The Robens Institute has provided ergonomics research, consultancy, postgraduate education and training to industry, commerce and government departments for nearly 35 years. This has been done across a wide range of ergonomics areas, both within the UK, EU and globally.

Our aim is to optimise safety, worker well-being and health, and, productivity, efficiency and quality within organisations. We adopt a systems perspective and a user-centred approach to understand and solve industrial and other design problems.

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email: ergonomics@robensinstitute.com

Areas of work

The ageing workforce

Work performance

Risk assessments

Musculoskeletal disorders

Back pain

Upper limb disorders

Healthcare ergonomics

Patient safety

Office ergonomics 

Accidents, Health & Safety at Work

Systems design

Usability assessment

User requirements and guidance

Courses and training in ergonomics


Professor Peter Buckle 


Peter is the Director of the Robens Institute and has been a full and visiting Professor
 at several leading UK Universities.

Peter is a former President of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors. He is a member of the Government's  HSE Workplace Health Expert Committee

His areas of expertise include: 
the design and evaluation of ergonomic interventions:  ergonomic approaches to reducing accidents; accident reporting and analysis; patient safety; examining the relationship between work and musculoskeletal disorders; the development of ergonomics methods.

He regularly teaches ergonomics  to a wide range of  industrial practitioners as well as academic groups  and health professionals.